What makes the coffee taste so good?

The attention to detail. We don’t sell a coffee that we wouldn’t serve our friends!

Plus, have you tasted coffee roasted at 4,148 feet elevation? Now you can.

High altitude coffee roasting is a method of roasting coffee at an altitude of 4,000 feet or higher. In roasting coffee, high altitude allows for quicker roast development at a lower temperature, avoiding the two most common problems of roasting coffee: baking, and scorching.

Baking coffee occurs when it is roasted too long, causing inadequate structural expansion and resulting in flavor that is flat and lacks intensity. Scorching coffee occurs when coffee beans are roasted at too high of a temperature causing lack of development and resulting in flavor that is wild and woody.

In roasting coffee, heat should be applied at both the lowest temperature possible and for the shortest possible amount of time. High altitude roasting helps accomplish that objective.


Where can I buy the coffee in town?

Local to Burns? Stop in at Robin's Closet at 408 N Broadway in Burns to pick up a bag or two of  your own. Or, drive by Juniper Cookhouse. You’ll find us in a variety of areas within the Harney County area.